Have you ever wondered if there was something happening at your home while you were away? Lubbock is a great city to live in, but even in friendly West Texas crime can still happen. Especially when you’re away for an extended period of time — a vacation, for example.

But you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Hub City Alarm provides live video monitoring for any areas of your property (inside or outside) that you want. The usual important places, such as the front door, back door, garage doors, and large windows, are of course the most popular choices. You can also place cameras in certain bedrooms, such as the baby’s room to make it easier to monitor the newest member in your family and make sure he or she is all right.

If you a pet dog or cat, you can place cameras in the living room, or wherever they usually like to hang out, to make sure they’re okay while you’re at work or out with friends. (And also to make sure they’re not tearing anything up or making a mess.)

Internal cameras can be used to monitor babysitters who take care of your children while you’re working late or having a date night. Most babysitters are good people who live children, but if you’re part of the small unlucky minority who happened to get a babysitter that abuses your children, you’ll have raw video evidence. They can also be installed discreetly so no one (except us and you) even knows they are there.

All cameras will provide live video footage that you can access remotely on your smartphone, no matter where you are. The videos themselves can also be saved and stored on the cloud, in case important events are recorded and need to be retained.

Cameras aren’t the only option though. We can place image sensors around the property as well, which can take pictures of any movement in the sense range. These sensors can really make life easier for you since they are only activated when movement is occurring, and not just recording 24×7.

If movement happens at your home while you’re away, you’ll be notified via our app on your smartphone and the picture will be sent to you so you can know exactly what is going on. Was it the neighbor’s dog, a person simply going for a walk (on the sidewalk), or an intruder trying to break into your house? With our home security system installed, you’ll know. And so will the police if the activity is suspicious or illegal. Your home and family will be protected.