Do you leave a spare key under the mat in front of your door in case someone needs to get in? So many people do that these days and as a result, it has become a dangerous habit. It’s no longer just a convenient backup if you accidentally lock yourself out, or if a friend is picking something up on your behalf. It’s also one of the first places any motivated criminal will look if he or she is trying to gain unlawful access to your home.

Another problem many people deal with is forgetting whether or not they closed the garage door when they’re on their way to work. Sometime during the drive, the thought inevitably crosses their mind: “Did I actually close the garage door this morning? I can’t remember…” (Don’t worry, this happens to everyone!)

Regardless if you deal with either of these issues, you’re in luck. The home security systems provided by Hub City Alarm offer home access control, all managed via our app on your smartphone. The app will allow you to see which doors are locked, which doors are unlocked, and if your garage doors are open or closed — at any time, and any location.

If you did in fact forget to close to garage door one morning, the app will let you know about it, and will also give you the option to close it remotely (from your car, your office, your child’s school, or anywhere)! The technology also allows you to lock or unlock any doors in your home, including and especially the front and back doors.

You will also have the option of giving key codes to friends and family members, negating the need to leave extra house keys in unsafe places such as under your door mat. The app will notify you if and when these codes are used, and cameras or image sensors will let you see exactly who is coming in and out of your home whenever any type of entrance or exit occurs. These pass codes can also be changed or disabled at any time, if you decide they’ve been compromised (i.e., shared without your permission, or written on a piece of paper that has been lost, etc.) or are just no longer needed (i.e., you gave a passcode to a babysitter who no longer works for you, a friend that moved away, etc.).

All notifications are sent to your smartphone via the app, along with any relevant pictures taken by our image sensors, to ensure you know exactly what is happening at your home at all times. If you have cameras installed, you can also access live video feeds remotely, at any time.