Lubbock Commercial Security

Every business is different and, as such, has unique security needs. Hub City Alarm is proud to offer state of the art security and gate systems for businesses in Lubbock and the surrounding West Texas area. We provide customized security solutions based on your company’s individual situation.

Like our residential products and services, we can install motion detectors or cameras virtually anywhere on your property, giving you 24×7 access to what is going on in your business through live video feeds on our smartphone app. If you have multiple locations this can be a very handy solution for maximizing your company’s overall security system, which can relieve your anxiety and also limit losses as well as potential liability.

Security cameras will let you watch activity in multiple locations at the same, making sure that business is running smoothly and that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. It will help you eliminate employee theft if that is an issue, in addition to minimizing customer theft. If you have employees that are responsible for opening a store or location, a camera or motion detector will let you know if the place is opening on time.

If certain events happen at your place of business that require a third-party to get involved (either you, management, or with a court of law), our security cameras can not only provide you with live footage on the app – if you’re watching at the right time, but can also record the situation to give you the evidence that you need to make the most prudent and reasonable decisions possible given the situation.

Our automation technology can benefit your company by saving you money on your electric bill. By only using lights or A/C or heat when needed, automating these features will put some extra money in your pocket by not paying for these services unnecessarily.

Our commercial security gates can be an excellent choice if you want to really increase the security of your business, assets, and employees. Hub City Alarm offers multiple options when it comes to guarding your property with gates, and provides unique solutions for gated communities and apartment complexes, commercial and industrial locations, maximum security locations, as well as for parking and traffic management.

The gates we provide have advanced control systems which it make simple and easy for you to control who can and cannot enter the protected area. You can create special access codes for different people, or groups of people, and modify and delete them just as easily if they’ve become compromised or are no longer needed. We are a licensed distributor of some of the leading security gate manufacturers in the world, and would be happy to give you a comprehensive list of features upon your request.

Hub City Alarm’s mission is to protect the people and businesses in its very own hometown – Lubbock, TX. We realize that everyone’s needs are different, and will only suggest what we think is best for you based on the information and details you provide to us – nothing more, and nothing less. Security systems are not a cookie-cutter-type product, and we will make sure you never have to pay for anything you don’t need.

From general video monitoring, to loss prevention measures, to employee safety and accountability, to property guarding, to maximum security, Hub City Alarm provides everything you need to sleep better at night knowing that you have the security measures in place that make sense to you. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’re ready to help.